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 Submitting an Application 
Please read these instructions before submitting an application for ministerial credentials

(1) Complete the application form electronically or by hand.

(If you are unable to print the application form you may request a copy to be sent to you by regular mail. Either call the office at 602-277-1953 or send email to:

(2) ENCLOSE A PHOTO OF YOURSELF- A fairly recent photo must be submitted with the application or it will not be processed. Most any kind of photo will do but please do not send anything larger than a 4 x 6.

(3) Complete all the requested information. Use N/A for areas that do not pertain to you.

(4) If applying for ordination, please include a copy of any ordination certificate you may have or a copy of your degree or diploma showing you have completed a Bible College or Seminary course. We will not issue an Ordination Credential unless the above documentation is received.

(5) Please note: The recommending party must be in the ministry.

(6) Please enclose the annual membership dues along with the "one-time" $5 application processing fee. Please do not send CASH. You may remit by check or money order. You may also request a credit or debit card authorization form.

(7) Email the Application along with any supporting documents to: 
     or by mail: GOSPEL ALLIANCE MINISTRIES - 3233 W Peoria Ave - Suite 101 - Phoenix, AZ  85029

(8) IMPORTANT - The application for ministerial credentials will not be processed until a completed application, recent photo and membership dues are received.

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